The construction and manufacture of hydraulic legs are one of the most important tasks in modern roof supports. The hydraulic leg must withstand enormous forces. Not infrequently, the internal pressure rises to well above 1500 bar. With its long service life of 5 years and more, the hydraulic legs of KAMEX are a sure companion in modern roof supports. The so-called design reserve, which is statically taken into account at KAMEX, also allows an overhauling by KAMEX, so that the leg will work for an additional product life (with a 2 years guarantee). KAMEX uses the experience of more than 25 years in their design and manufacturing of hydraulic legs. 


KAMEX produces


  • Single Props for shields

  • Hydraulic legs with two stages

  • Hydraulic legs with three stages

  • With blipper valves

  • or area balanced

  • Up to a piston diameter of 530 mm

  • With duct bore from 4 mm

  • For flanged and stuck punch valves